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Dogs and cats primarily use their anal gland secretions to mark their territory, and generally will secrete small amounts of fluid every time they defecate. Many will often express these glands when anxious or frightened as well. The consistency of the fluid ranges from thin, watery secretions to thick, gritty paste. Anal sac liquid is supposed to be dark brown or a grayish-brown color. Ideally, its oily and fairly fluid in consistency, though some dogs naturally produce a thicker discharge. When everythings working properly, this fluid drains efficiently through short, narrow ducts and is expelled near the anus. Dog anal glands issues are not life-threatening but can cause discomfort and pain for the animal. That means the vet or groomer squeezes them by hand to get the fluid out. ) over the last few decades, anal gland problems have been a pain in the butt for both dogs and cats. These glands produce a serous yellow liquid with a powerful odor. Ferrets that are frightened or threatened can express their anal glands but, unlike skunks, are unable to project the fluid over long distances. The anal glands on both sides of the anus are usually drained naturally when your dog has a bowel movement, but sometimes the fluid becomes too thick to be expressed and it will become impacted (clogged up). After the anal gland has been impacted for a while, it becomes infected and swollen. As we stated above, impaction is not the only reason a cats anal glands might not function properly. Also known as saculitis, an anal gland infection in cats produces a painful inflammation in one or both of the cats anal glands. You should suspect an anal gland infection if your cat has clear or yellowish liquid, purulent fluid (pus) or even blood coming from the area.   sometimes the fluid in anal glands can build up, causing your dog to lick or bite his anus and scoot his bottom around on the floor after or before defecation. This can happen to any breed, though small dogs are particularly prone to anal sac disorders. Everything you ever wanted to know about dog anal glands theyre unpleasant, but theyre a fact of life. Heres what happens when dog anal glands dont function properly. By linda (houston, texas) after going to vet yesterday and finding out our catahoulagreat dane does not have impacted anal glands, there is still an anal gland fluid that is draining from his rectum area constantly.

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